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inspirational photos of gothic gyaru, rokku gyaru, and with a bit of punk & erololi thrown in.
please be aware, I'm by no means an expert on these styles or on gyaru. This blog is purely for inspiration.
unless otherwise stated, none of these photos are mine & I claim no right to them.
feel free to ask and/or submit! the links are above.
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sekondbrain asked: hi, i think i can get together some pix for the goth/rock gal


sounds good! I’ve really neglected the blog for a long time now. 

could you give me your email address? I’ll add you as a member and you can post. 

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silentium-et-vanitas asked: Some of those are ora ora kei. More yanki rokku gyaru . Just spreading the word!<3 chaudie net /tag/ora-ora-kei/


Thanks so much! As I said before, I’m no expert, so I’m definitely not knowledgeable on every sub-style. It’s hard to differentiate between Rokku and something like Ora Ora Kei, because they have such similar elements. Also some coordinates even have a “gothyness” to them, which arguably could make it okay to call them ‘goth gyaru’. I just hope everyone enjoys the pictures I post/reblog. c: 

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Sorry for the long unexpected hiatus!

I moved into my dorm two weeks ago and it’s been a bit hectic with classes starting and all that. 

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